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Fearless Astrology…

I began studying astrology back in 1996, I began my studies when in the middle of a major transition, and a deep dark need to debunk anything as irrational and superstitious as astrology. What I needed were answers, and why I thought I could find answers while debunking a superstition, I have no clue; I blame my education (TIC).

I am still anti-superstition, I am still anti-myth. And I have a huge problem with most of the astrological community that preys on people who are desperate and in need of answers and truths. A well known “Evolutionary Astrologer” I have been incontact with calls those folks, “Dried up fortune tellers”. I’m right with him on that. So here are my thoughts and observations about astrology:

1) The future is a fluid event, you cannot predict the future.

          However, you can utilise trends of human behavior to “predict” the most likely outcomes for an individual. That being said, from time to time an individual can surprise themselves, and their loved ones and astrologers by picking a path least likely, though that too may be in evidence.

2) There are many levels to interpreting a chart.

      Every person operates at their  own place on the wheel of life. I hate to use “higher” and “Lower” as to evolution, because that implies better and lesser. Let’s put it this way, a Kindergartner is not lesser than a Senior in College, they are equal in their value as human beings, one has merely less experience and tools to utilise than the other. A Kindergartner may be more predictable in their choices than say a Senior in college, due to the Senior having more life experience, and tools available. Just as a Professor Emeritus will perhaps be more able to leap into more realms of possiblility than a Senior Undergraduate…And I’m talking about evolution and not literal scholarship. A professor is not worth more than a student as a human being, no human is more or less important, it’s about ability, tools, and the ability to make choices in various arenas of life.

When I meet someone I ask them a lot of questions before I do their chart…Not to pull one over on them, but to see which level upon which I am interpreting. Just like a good psychologist will give a diagnostic test, the test itself doesn’t show everything, but gives the psychologist a place from which to start working.

3) I don’t know more than you, and I am not a mind reader, I’ve studied Western Astrology for a really long time. It’s got over 10,000 years of observation and correlation. There is not one science on the planet that has that long of a history. Astrology is both Science and Art. Most traditional math theorems were developed by astrologers, in fact until the industrial revolution no scientist worth their salt was ignorant upon the matter of astrology. (Regardless of what the scientists like to say about it now…ah poor humans, open your minds, I mean Quantum Theory does begin to flesh out the influences)…

4) You don’t have to believe in Astrology. It is not a religious practice, is not a belief system, it is not magic, it exists and is functional whether someone believes in it or not; kinda like inertia or gravity.

5) No I will not read your chart unless you fill out an application. I do not like answering questions dealing with “When will I get laid/paid.”… I read charts to help people find their tools, gifts, and ways to liberate themselves from their less than self creative patterns. I am not a dating service (and most of those kinds of astrologers are hacks, not all, but most!)

6) I am a Follower of Christ, how can I be an astrologer?

Refer to number 4. It has nothing to do with religion, but if you want a real biblical reference there are plenty in the old testament and the new testament, including  in the book of Revelations. But you can reference that for yourself if you want to, because it’s not my job to justify anything, and justifying some thing’s legitimacy using the Christian Bible just annoys the Holy Living Fuzz out of me.

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